Twisted X Women's Floral Ruff Stock

Twisted X Women's Floral Ruff Stock
Fabric: Leather Vamp & Shaft, Leather Lining, Rubber Outsole
Height: 11"
Fit: USA - C Width,
Toe: WS
NZ$ 381.95

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Twisted X We’re cowboys offering real cowboy boots to cowboys. We’re not another western boot brand designed and developed by shoe people. We’re a cowboy brand living the lifestyle and we still cowboy, now and then, when we’re not working on the boot deal. Our team has a gazillion years’ experience in the boot business and we’ve got this deal figured out.  We’re makin ’em right.  

RUFF STOCK: Designed for the working and rodeo cowboy.  The heel is under slung but as a long base to ensure stability. The heel rand is extended to fit a heavier banded rough stock spur. The top leathers are soft if you need to wrap the shaft. The heels are nailed on so that the whole outsole isn’t torn off during a mishap. We think this is the best and only boot designed that incorporates what the true rough stock cowboy requires.

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