Sizing & Fitting

Sizing Shirts 

Please note: All size results are in cm's unless stated otherwise. The size chart is a guide only, many variables affect the fit of a garment.   

Measuring guidelines

    Do not take measurements yourself

    Wear light clothing as thicker garments like jumpers and jeans will add to measurements

    Remove items from pockets such as wallets in the back hip pocket

    Measure with the tape flat against the body

    Do not hold the tape too loose or too tight

    Do not put fingers under the tape Shirts, T-Shirts & Tops

    1.Chest / Bust
    Measure around the body across the fullest part of the chest keeping the tape level and straight.

    2. Neck / Collar
    Men only, measure the circumference at the base of the neck, where a shirt collar would sit if using a well fitting shirt, lay flat on table, measure from centre of button hole.

Thomas Cook Sizing Chart

Pure Western Sizing Guide