• Wrangler Brodie Hat
    Fabric: Wool felt
    Crown Height 11cm
    Brim Width 10.5cm
    NZ$ 261.95
  • Pure Western Tornado Hat
    100% Australian Wool Felt, leather sweatband, metal hat pin.

    5 Colours
    NZ$ 148.95
  • Outback Taos South Fork Wool Hat
    Adventurers meet your new favourite hat, The South Fork. This smart hat is made from 100% wool with
    a braided hat band, sateen lining, and finished with grosgrain trim. Generous brim for great protection
    from all weather.

    Crown 10.8cm
    Brim 8.3cm
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Gibb River Wool Hat
    Our Gibb River hat is an oversized tassy crusher made from 100% Australian wool and complete with a
    simple brown band and chin cord for those windy days. A real cowboy ranch look here with the Gibb.

    11.5cm Crown and
    7.5cm Brim.
    NZ$ 112.00
  • Outback Shy Game Wool Hat
    Don't let the name fool you, there is nothing timid about this hat. Our Shy Game hat is water resistant,
    made with 100% Australian wool and has a UPF 50 rating. C'mon get ya Yellowstone going with our Shy

    10.8cm crown & 9cm brim.
    Colours: Black, Brown
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Cooper River Wool Hat
    Our ever-popular Cooper River is rugged and elegant made with western flair. Featuring a contrasting
    braided band and made from the finest Australian wool. Ideal for those hot sunny days to keep you cool
    and shaded from the sun.

    10cm crown & 8.3cm brim
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Wallaby Wool Hat
    Stylish wool hat with an eye-catching braided leather hat band with silver touches woven through and
    silver buckle. Crushable and has a wire brim for personalised shaping.

    9cm crown, 9cm brim
    Colours: Brown/Khaki, Black
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Silverton Wool Hat
    Stunning silver and turquoise hat band complete with tassels make this hat a statement piece in your
    wardrobe. Wire brim for unique shaping and sateen lined. 100% Australian wool

    8.9cm crown & 8.9cm brim
    Colour: Black
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Taos Dove Creek Wool Hat
    Our new Dove Creek hat is great for all occasions! Superior felted wool body, lined in luxurious satin and
    finished off with a braided hat band and decorative feather. Look the part of a Yellowstone character
    with our Dove Creek.

    10cm crown & 7.7cm brim
    Colour: Sand size 59 only
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Taos Santa Fe Wool Hat
    Nothing will make you look and feel more confident than our Santa Fe Hat. Made from beautiful wool,
    the Santa Fe is silk satin lined and also topped with a braided leather hatband and beautiful feather
    accent. Water resistant and with a UPF 50 rating this hat will protect you from all weather.

    10cm crown & 7.7cm brim
    Colour: Khaki
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Taos Swan Wool Hat
    The gorgeous Swan hat will have you looking your best for all your adventures. Sateen lined, 3 brass
    eyelets for ventilation and paired with a classy studded hat band. The look is completed with a
    contrasting decorative feather.

    10.8cm crown, 9cm brim
    Colours: Sand, Heather Brown
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback  High Country Wool Hat
    We have bought back our classic High Country hat featuring a stylish two tone braided band. Water
    resistant and with great UV protection and brim lock, this hat is perfect in all weather.

    10cm crown & 7.5cm brim
    Colours: Serpent, Tanbark
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Cobra Wool Hat
    13215 Cobra Wool Hat
    Beautifully lined in Sateen with a two-tone braided hat band and finished off with a striking feather.
    Available in two stunning new colours!

    11.5cm crown & 8cm brim
    Style 13215 Colours: Heather Tan Bark, Burnt Orange
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Durango Wool Hat
    Made from 100% Australian wool, this hat features an eye catching braided hat band accented with
    silver stars. Use the wire brim to shape to your preference. Beautifully sateen lined.

    11.5cm crown & 8cm brim
    Colour: Red
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Gibson Wool Hat
    This 100% wool hat is water resistant. Accented with a decorative knotted hat band and an eye-catching

    10cm crown & 7cm brim
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Nelson Wool Hat
    Water resistant and crushable, this 100% wool hat has a unique buckled hat band. Beautifully sateen
    lined, this hat will be great for protecting you from the elements!

    10.8cm crown & 7cm brim
    Colour: Brown
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Outback Dusty Rider Wool Crusher Hat
    Our Dusty Rider is simple and elegant made from 100% Australian Wool. Designed in brown with a
    matching braided hatband, this hat will never go out of style.

    10cm crown & 8.3cm brim.
    NZ$ 109.00
  • TC Jagger Wool Felt Hat
    100% Australian Wool Felt
    Fabric: 100% Wool Felt with leather hat band with brass trims, fully lined crown
    Brim Length: 6cm
    Crown Height: 10cm
    Available in Red, Dark Navy, Fawn, Black and Teal
    NZ$ 107.95
  • Outback Haddad Wool Hat
    6045H Haddad Wool Hat
    Look your best in our eye-catching Haddad! Made from 100% wool and finished with a classic leather
    hatband and brass Outback pin. Adjustable inner hatband so hat can be reduced.. i.e. Medium/Large is a
    Large fit at full extension and adjustable by velcro inner band to a Medium or somewhere in between!
    Note: These hats have a "hard" crown.

    9.5cm crown & 7.5cm brim
    Colour: Black L/XL only
    NZ$ 95.00