Boot Sizing



Fitting your Twisted X Boots

At Twisted X, Fit and Comfort are the most important elements of all our boots! USA based founder of Twisted X, Bob Frazier has gone to great lengths to make the inner workings of all Twisted X boots as comfortable as possible.

After many years developing boots for other major western brands, Bob was tired of seeing deformed
“ugly ass” toes from the result of wearing ill-fitting boots. The first priority for Bob when starting
Twisted X was to offer a boot which fits correctly. The signs of a well-fitting boot:


• Correct fitting from heel to ball joint which is based on the internationally recognised Brannock system. Ball joint being the widest part of the foot, just behind the toes.  The toes should not be crammed and move easily.

• Correct pattern design through instep to heel cup.  Foot entry into the boot should be firm, quite often requiring moderate force to get on. A plastic bag can often be of assistance getting the foot in to a new boot especially during the first few wears until the leather gives and conforms to the shape of the foot! Once on, the plastic bag can be pulled out and removed. The boot may have some slip at the heel when walking, this is normal and will disappear over the first few wears as the boot flexes through the sole and conforms to the foot. We have researched and extensively tested the fit of all our boots to bring you the most comfortable and superior fitting western boots available. 


These boots are in US Sizing.
Please print out this printable guide to check your foot size.